How do I enable a new camera in D-ViewCam?

D-ViewCam is software that may be purchased separately. It is useful for monitoring multiple Cloud Cameras simultaneously.

Step 1: Launch the D-ViewCam console. Once the console loads, click on the General Settings icon, then Setting, and then click System Setting.

Step 2: Click on the Camera tab.

Step 3: Click Search to automatically find the IP camera(s) that are on your local area network (LAN).

Step 4: Select one of the IP cameras that are available. You may enter a new name for this camera and then enter the administrator username and password assigned to this camera. Click OK to add the camera.

Step 5: The pop-up window will close and the new camera should appear on the list.

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If a camera does not support UPnP, you can manually add a camera as below.

Step 1: Click Insert to manually add a network camera that is on your local area network (LAN).

Step 2: Enter the following network information for your camera:

• Name - Enter a name for your camera.

• IP Address - Enter the IP address of this camera. If you want to use a domain name, then select DNS and enter the domain name.

• HTTP Port - 80 is the default port.

• User Name - Enter the administrator user name for this camera.

• Password - Enter the administrator password for this camera.

• Protocol - Select TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS.

Enter the following device information for your camera:

• Auto Detect - Click to detect the vender and model information.

• Vendor - Select the brand name from the dropdown menu.

• Camera Model - Select the camera model from the drop-down menu.

• Video Channel - Select the video channel you want to assign the camera

Step 3: Click OK to add your camera.

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