How do I get the DBT-120 to connect to my Ericsson T68 mobile phone in Windows 98Se ME 2000 and XP?

Step 1 On your phone under theBluetooth menu selectDiscoverable.

Step 2 Double-click the My BluetoothPlaces icon on your desktop and then double-clickEntire Bluetooth Neighborhood

Step 3 Once it has discovered your phone,right-click the icon for your phone and click on PairDevice. It will prompt you for a Passkeywhich needs to be the same on both the phone and on yourcomputer.

Step 4 On your phone under the Bluetooth menu,select Linked devices, select Adddevice, and then select Phone accepts.Your phone will then advise you that your computer is attempting topair with it. Once you have acknowledged the Pair it will promptyou for a Passkey, which needs to be the same Passkey you enteredon your computer.

Step 5 When your computer and your phone havebeen successfully paired, the icon for your phone in MyBluetooth Places will have a checkmark by it and you willthen be able to transfer data between the two devices.

NOTE: In order for the DBT-120 to discover aBluetooth enabled Ericsson T68 orT68i mobile phone, the phone should be held sothat the the face of the phone is pointed toward the DBT-120. TheDBT-120 may not find your mobile phone if it is laying faceup.

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