How do I save/load the configuration file on my DWL-2100AP?

Step 1 Log into the web-based configuration bytyping in the IP address of the access point (default is192.168.0.50) in your web browser. The default username isadmin (all lowercase) and the password is blank(nothing).

Step 2 Click on the Tools tab atthe top of the page, and then click Cfg File tothe left.

Step 3 To save the configuration settings of youraccess point, click the OK button next toLoad settings to Local Hard Drive.

To load a previously saved configuration file, click theBrowse button next to UpdateFile. Once you have located the file (config.bin) on yourhard drive, click the OK button.

Note: If the firmware on your access point hasbeen upgraded/downgraded, do not load configuration files that weresaved using a different version of firmware then you currently haveinstalled. This will not work and could damage the unit.

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