Why can't I get online? My D-Link icon on the system Tray is white with red line moving up and down on it.

A white D-Link icon with red line shows that the adapter is notconnected to the wireless signal. Here are a few things to makesure of:

  • Disable any software firewalls you may have installed on yourPC.
  • Try restarting the Computer.
  • Make sure the router's WLAN light is on.
  • If you are running wireless encryption on your AccessPoint/Wireless router, make sure that you have entered the correctEncryption key.
  • Finally, try changing channels on the router according to themanual for your router and try connecting wirelessly. (With D-Linkrouters, you will direct Internet Explorer to eitherhttp:// or , dependingon the model. The channel is usually located under Home/Wireless orSetup/Wireless.)
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