How do I enable Encryption using Windows XPs Wireless Zero Configuration utility?

It is recommended to enable encryption on your wireless accesspoint before your wireless network adapters. Please establishwireless connectivity before enabling encryption.

Note: Your network will slow down and wirelesssignal may degrade when enabling encryption due to the addedoverhead.

Step 1 Right-click on the computer monitor icon inthe system tray, select View Available WirelessNetworks.

Step 2 Highlight the SSID of your wireless networkin the available networks box. The Network Keyfield will then become available. Enter in the same encryption keythat was set in the wireless router/access point.

Step 3 Click on the connectbutton.

If your wireless network is not showing in availablewireless networks:

Step 1 Right-click on the computer monitor icon inthe system tray and select view available wirelessnetworks.

Step 2 Click on the Advancedbutton and then click Add. Type in the SSID ofyour wireless router/access point. Put a check in the DataEncryption (WEP enabled) box, and uncheck the thekey is provided for me automaticallybox. TheNetwork Authentication (Shared Mode) mustbe checked.

Step 3 Select either 40 or104-bits for the key length. Selecthexadecimal digits for the Key Format. In theNetwork Key field type in the encryption key youentered into the wireless router/access point. The length of thekey will depend on what you selected for the key length.

  • 40 (same as 64-bit encryption) 10 characters
  • 104 (same as 128-bit encryption) 26 characters

The key is HEX, meaning A-F and0-9.

Step 4 Select OK to save yoursettings.

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