What do the LED Indicators on my switch mean?

The Switch supports LED indicators for Power, Master, Console,RPS, SIO (stacking indicators) and Port LEDs. The following showsthe LED indicators for the Switch along with an explanation of eachindicator.

Power: This LED will light green after poweringthe Switch on to indicate the ready state of the device. Theindicator is dark when the Switch is powered off.

Master: This LED will light solid green whenthe Switch is configured to be a master switch of a switch stack ina ring topology or when it is in use as a stand-alone switch. ThisLED will remain dark if the Switch is not configured to be a masterswitch of a switch stack or as a standalone switch.

Console: This LED should blink during thePower-On Self Test (POST). When the POST is finished successfully,the LED goes dark. This indicator will light solid green when theSwitch is being logged into via out-of-band/local consolemanagement through the RS-232 console port in the front of theSwitch using a straight-through serial cable.
This LED will light solid amber if the Power-On-Self-Test hasfailed.

RPS: This LED will light when the internalpower has failed and the RPS has taken over the power supply to theSwitch. Otherwise, it will remain dark.

Port LEDs: One row of LEDs for each port islocated above the ports on the front panel. The first LED is forthe top port and the second one is for the bottom ports. A solidlight denotes a valid link on the port while a blinking lightindicates activity on the port. These LEDs will remain dark ifthere is no link/activity on the port.

Stacking Ports (SIO): There are six LEDs in thefront of the DGS-3324SRi marked SIO 1-6, and they relate to the six10-gigabit stacking ports at the rear of the Switch. For the DGS-3324SR, DXS-3326GSR and the DXS-3350SR, there are only two stackingports and therefore only two SIO LEDs, marked 1 and 2. These LEDswill light solid green to denote a valid link on the port.

Stack ID: These two seven segment LEDs displaythe current switch stack order of the Switch while in use. Possiblenumbers to be displayed range from 1-12.

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