How do I setup Layer 3 routing on my DGS-3324SR/DGS-3324SRi/DXS-3350SR and DXS-3326GSR?


The example configuration below was created from a factorydefault configuration on theDGS-3324SR/DGS-3324SRi/DXS-3350SR/DXS-3326GSR switches. Werecommend saving your current configuration.




Applies to: DGS-3324SR, DGS-3324SRi, DXS-3350SR, andDXS-3326GSR

This example shows a simple Layer 3 configuration on astandalone DGS-3324SR switch. The different IP networks can berouted without any Layer 3 routing protocols enabled on the switch.In this scenario, the DGS-3324SR will create 4 local routes in theRouting Table. The traffic going between the different subnets willbe routed based on the information found in the Local Routing tablein the switch.

Switch Configuration:

Step 1 Connect to the switch using the consoleconnection with your preferred Terminal emulation software.

Step 2 Once connected to the CLI, login at theusername and password prompt. The default is username is<blank> and password is <blank>.

Step 3 At the prompt, enter the followingcommand:

reset system

Select 'y' when prompted to confirm the factory reset. Theswitch will now reboot with the factory default settings.

Step 4 Login again to the switch.

Step 5 Once at the CLI, type in the followingcommands to create the VLANs and IP interfaces associated with eachVLAN.

config vlan default delete 1:1-1:24
create vlan v101 tag 101
config vlan v101 add untagged 1:1-1:6
create ipif net1 v101 state enabled
create vlan v102 tag 102
config vlan v102 add untagged 1:7-1:12
create ipif net2 v102 state enabled
create vlan v103 tag 103
config vlan v103 add untagged 1:13-1:18
create ipif net3 v103 state enabled
create vlan v104 tag 104
config vlan v104 add untagged 1:19-1:24
create ipif net4 v104 state enabled


Step 6 Configure the PCs in each subnet withthe appropriate IP address and gateway. For example,

Net1 PC - gateway
Net2 PC - gateway
Net3 PC - gateway
Net4 PC - gateway

Testing the Configuration:

1. Net1 PC can ping gateway (, other DGS-3324SRinterfaces (,, etc) and other network'sPC.

2. Net2 PC can ping gateway (, other DGS-3324SRInterfaces (,, etc) and other network'sPC IP.

3. Same testing for Net3 PC, Net4 PC.

Verifying the Configuration:

Below is a list of commands that can be used to verify theconfiguration and are useful for diagnostics:

1. show vlan

2. show ipif


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