How can I get my DPR-1260 to work with Mac OS X?

To set up Mac OS X to use a printer connected to the DPR-1260,please follow these steps:

  1. Connect the print server to your network using an Ethernetcable. If you wish to use the DPR-1260 wirelessly, configureit following the instructions in the manual aftercompleting the steps in this guide
  2. Plug the printer you want to use into one of the USB ports onthe DPR-1260
  3. Log in to the web configuration interface of the DPR-1260 byentering its IP address into your Internet browser (default:
  4. If you need to change the IP address of the DPR-1260, click onSetup, then NetworkSettings. On the NetworkSetup page, alter the details to match yourrequirements
  5. Go to the Device Info page and make anote of this information:
    • IP Address (under Identification)
    • LPR Queue Name (under Attached Devices)
  6. On the Mac, open the Print & Faxcontrol panel (click on the Apple menu, then Systempreferences..., then Print &Fax)
  7. In the Print & Fax panel, clickon the button. This will open a newwindow. Click on the IP icon at the top
  8. Set the Protocol to LinePrint Daemon - LPD
  9. Set the Address to the IP address youfound in step 5
  10. Set the Queue to the LPR Queue Nameyou found in step 5
  11. Enter a descriptive name into theName field, and do the same for theLocation
  12. Select the model of the printer using the drop-down box
  13. Click Add

If everything is configured correctly, you should be now able tosee the new printer in the Printers panel of the Print & Faxwindow.

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