How do I upgrade the DP-100/300 firmware?

The print server's internal software is stored in Flash memory,which allows you to upgrade it to updated version without shippingthe print server back to your distributor.  Consult theSupport section of this site for information about when updatedprint server firmware versions are available.

You will also need to have copies of the updated firmware.Firmware updates are contained in to related files, a larger onewill a .bin extension, and a smaller one having a .dwl extension.Both of these files are necessary for the download to be completedsuccessfully.

To perform the download:

  1. Choose Download Firmware... from the PS Admin Tools menu. Theprint server will ask for the filename of the updated .bin imagefile.
  2. Type in the pathname of the .bin file, or the Browse... buttonto locate the file using a standard dialog box.
  3. Click OK.PS Admin will display an informational warningmessage.
  4. Click OK. The download will begin. PS Admin will display theprogress of the download.
  5. When downloading is complete, PS Admin will display aninformational message.

WARNING: When downloading the image file, be very careful not tointerrupt the transfer by powering down the print server ordisconnecting it from the network.

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