How can I find the initialisation string for my modem/ISDN TA to use in the Internet Server?

When using D-Link's Internet servers, the Init String (AT commands)is different from one modem (or ISDN TA) to another. That is, eachmodem or ISDN TA has its own AT commands. Usually, the AT commandscan be found in the Modem's or ISDN_TA's user's manual. If themanual is not in hand or the AT command you inputted is notworking, the following is a way to know the AT command:

Step1: Connect your ISDN_TA as follows: (Note: no D-Link's InternetServer in between)
ISP --- ISDN_TA (or Modem) --- PC (Win98)
Dial-up to the ISP. After successfully connecting to the ISP, youcan find a log file in C:\Windows directory, e.g., ISDN-TA( PPP-64K).log

Step2: Edit the log file. Find all of the AT commands that has beensent and concatenate them into one line, for example,
--- ISDN-TA(PPP-64K).log file ---
08-24-1999 15:25:53.74 - Send:ATE0Q0V1X1=5<cr>
08-24-1999 15:25:53.75 - Recv:ATE0Q0V1X1=5<cr>
08-24-1999 15:25:53.93 - Recv:<cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
08-24-1999 15:25:53.93 - Interpreted response: Ok
08-24-1999 15:25:53.93 - Send:ATS7=50&K3X4<cr>
--- End ---
After concatenation, the AT commands becomeATE0Q0V1X1=5S7=50&K3X4

Step 3: Connect your Internet Server, as follows:
ISP --- ISDN_TA (or Modem) ---InternetServer---PC
Input the above string into the "Init. String field" of yourInternet Server, and dial.

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