How can I discover the Internet server after it has been assigned an invalid IP address?

For example, is an invalid IP address for the internetserver. That's the reason why the ISAdmin cannot discover theserver. The resolution is to use the PSAdmin (this is, the adminprogram for D-Link's PRINT SERVERS) to discover and change the IPaddress of that internet server.

Since release of DP-601M/602/802/692 firmware/ISAdmin v2.00,there is "invalid IP address" checking mechanism so that theinvalid IP address cannot be assigned into DP-601M/602/802/692 andthus the same problem shouldn't happen again.

More Infomation:
The Host ID of 0 and 255 has a special meaning. It cannot be usedby DP-601M/602/802/692 . For example, the following IP cannot beassigned to DP-601M/602/802/692 :, (Class A), (Class C), (Class C),

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