What wireless security does the DIR-635 offer?

DIR-635 can be setup with the following wirelesssecurity standards:

  • WEP (firmware 1.07 or above)

Authentication using a network key

Note: Enabling WEP on a DRAFT N connection will cap thespeed to 54mbps. To gain the Draft N possible speeds, WPA2 isreccomended. However WPA will also work.

  • WPA Personal

Authentication using a pre shared key (PSK)

  • WPA Enterprise

Authentication using 802.1x protocol. Requires aRADUIS server. TKIP or AES.

  • WPA2 Personal

Authentication using a pre shared key (PSK)

  • WPA2 Enterprise

Authentication using 802.1x protocol. Requires a RADUISserver. TKIP or AES.


Mac address filter

By default the DIR-635 accepts new connections. If youenable this filter, you may choose to allow or ban machinesbased on their physical MAC address.

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