How to recover DWL-8610 from reboot cycle ?


DWL-8610AP ( ---- TFTP Server (

In case your DWL-8610AP is rebooting all the time, please follow the steps to recover a normal activity :

Steps :
- Using a null-modem cable, connect a VT100/ANSI terminal or a workstation to the console (serial) port.
If you attached a PC, Apple, or UNIX workstation, start a terminal-emulation program, such as HyperTerminal or TeraTerm.

-  Configure the terminal-emulation program to use the following settings:
•) Baud rate: 115200 bps
•) Data bits: 8
•) Parity: none
•) Stop bit: 1
•) Flow control: none

- Press Ctrl+C during thee DWL-8610AP boot up in order to enter the bootcode CFE boot loader menu.

- Set the IP address of the TFTP server as and launch teh TFTP server. Make sure it allows TFTP clients to reach the needed files.

- The file "rootfs.bin"* is device recover firmware. (Please unzip the attachments file to get this file)
*The rootfs.bin is device FW v.

- Using the below commands, recover the DWL-8610AP firmware.


CFE> flash -erase nflash1.rwfs

CFE> flash -erase nflash1.trx

CFE> flash -erase nflash1.trx2

CFE> ifconfig eth0 -addr=

CFE> ifconfig eth0 -mask=

CFE> flash -noheader nflash1.trx

CFE> flash -noheader nflash1.trx2

CFE> reboot


Troubleshooting :

- Please make sure to install TFTP server software computer the software firewall has been closed. ( firewall / antivirus firewall ...)

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