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Point-to-Point/Multipoint Access Points

P2P and P2MP Access Points make establishing a wireless bridge an effortless endeavor. Anti-interference technologies, high-speed connectivity boast unbeatable solutions to long-range bridging.


High-Gain Directional Antenna High-Gain Directional Antenna

Fast, stable, and long-range wireless coverage

IP66 Rated IP66 Rated

Water-resistant and dust-tight housing boasts a longer product life

TDMA Technology TDMA Technology

High speeds and consistent coverage that filters out interference

Durable Industrial Design Durable, Industrial Design

Modest yet resilient design endures external conditions while easily blending into surroundings

dap-3711 dap-3711

Effortless Long-Distance Bridging

Purpose-built high-gain directional antennas are the champions of long-distance P2P and P2MP connectivity, projecting connectivity to far off distances equivalent to that of a wired connection.



TDMA Technology

Anti-Interference Technologies for Unbreakable Connectivity

The further the data needs transmitting, the greater the chance of interference. D-Link’s integrated anti-interference technologies—such as TDMA—cut through the chatter, keeping connections stable and clear, as well as overcoming issues such as the hidden node problem.

Hardy Devices

Hardy Devices that Bridge the Gap of Tricky Terrain

Sometimes a wired connection is just not practical in areas of heavy industry or treacherous terrain. D-Link’s wireless bridges however tout the ability to bridge that gap (literally and figuratively), providing connectivity to previously-thought-impossible locations.

Potential Applications

Internet Service Providers Internet Service Providers

Provide coverage to rural areas or challenging terrain where wired connectivity is not feasible or cost restrictive.  

Habitat Conservation Habitat Conservation

A stable wireless network that can facilitate remote monitoring of large outdoor areas through IP cameras, as well as support emergency IP phones

Industrial Areas Industrial Areas

Highly suited for supplying connectivity in areas that are industrialized, and a wired connection may not be practical or is dangerous


5 km Long Range 802.11ac Wireless Bridge


  • High-gain 15 dBi directional antenna
  • Integrated TDMA technology
  • Single-band speeds up to 867 Mbps
  • WPA2™ Encryption
  • PoE
  • IP66 Rating

20 km Long Range 802.11ac Wireless Bridge


  • High-gain 23 dBi directional antenna
  • Integrated TDMA technology
  • Single-band speeds up to 867 Mbps
  • WPA2™ Encryption
  • PoE
  • IP66 Rating