How do I change the WiFi password of my DIR-816L?

Step 1 – Open a browser and go to the router’s IP address, which by default is

Step 2 – Login to the router. The default username is Admin there is no password by default.


Step 3 – Click the “Setup” tab on the top menu, then “Wireless Settings” on the left hand menu.

DIR_816L_Change_the _password4

Step 4 – Once the new page loads, scroll to the bottom and select “Manual Internet Connection Setup”.


Step 5 – The DIR-816L has a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz wifi network. Please ensure you alter the channel foer the correct band.
The 2.4GHz radio is shown first. To change the password, scroll down to the “Pre-Shared Key” section. Here you can change the password.



Step 6 – To change the 5GHz wifi channel, scroll down to the 5Ghz band section’s  “Pre-Shared Key” section. Here you can change the 5GHz password.


Step 7 – Click “Save” to save the changes you have made. You can now connect to your wireless network using your new wifi password.

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