How to enable remote management on the DWR-116 (FW 1.03)?

Step 1: Go to the setup page of the DWR (default )

  • Go to the menu -> Tools -> Admin
  • Select the option "Enable Remote Management"
  • Select a specific public IP address or if you want to access to the configuration page of the DWR-116 from several computers
  • Define an http access port to the configuration page (in our example 1080)

Step 2: In order to active the remote management, you must set the IP address of the DWR-116 into the DHCP server range of the DWR.

  • Go to the menu -> Setup -> Network Settings
  • In our case, DWR IP address is, and we define the DHCP range 1 to 254



Step 3: Check the WAN IP (public IP) that you receive on the WAN port of the DWR-116

  • Go to the menu -> Status -> Device Info
  • For remote access you can simply enter the WAN IP address: remote management port
  • Example:  
  • Also verify that the WAN IP address corresponds to your public IP address (e.g. with )


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