What devices does the mydlink app support ?

Please refer to the supported device list.

Note: For more information on the latest supported devices, please visit the D-Link website.


Device HW FW
DCS-825L A1 v1.08.01-6505
DCS-850L A1 v1.04.01
DCS-855L A1 v1.02.03-5710
DCS-930L A3 v1.16.04
DCS-930LB B2 v2.14.04
DCS-931L A1 v1.14.11
DCS-932L A1 v1.14.04
DCS-932LB B2 v2.14.04
DCS-933L A1 v1.14.11
DCS-934L A2 v1.05.04
DCS-935L A1 v1.10.00
DCS-936L A1 v1.05.07
DCS-942L A4 v1.27
DCS-942LB B2 v2.12.04_7221
DCS-960L A1 v1.04.02
DCS-2132L A1 v1.08.03
DCS-2132LB1 B1 v2.13.03
DCS-2210L A1 v1.02.00
DCS-2230L A1 v1.02.00
DCS-2310L A1 v1.08.03
DCS-2310L B B1 v2.04.02
DCS-2330L A1 v1.14.03
DCS-2332L A2 v1.08.03
DCS-2530L A2 v1.03.01
DCS-2630L A2 v1.04.00-2228
DCS-2670L A1 v1.10.01
DCS-5000L A1 v1.02.02
DCS-5009L A1 v1.08.11
DCS-5010L A1 v1.14.09
DCS-5020L A1 v1.14.09
DCS-5025L A1 v1.03.07
DCS-5029L A2 v1.14.02
DCS-5030L A1 v1.04.10
DCS-5211L A3 v1.14_5601
DCS-5222L A3 v1.14b5601
DCS-5222L B2 v2.14.04
DCS-5222LB1 B2 v2.15.1
DCS-6010L A2 v1.15.03
DCS-6045L A1 v1.02.01
DCS-6212L A1 v1.01.02
DCS-7000L A1 v1.05.02
DCS-700L A1 v1.05.01
DCS-7010L A3 v1.09.00
DCS-8000LH A1 v1.01.01
DCS-800L A1 v1.05.01
DCS-8100LH A1 v1.00.09
DCS-820L A1 v1.04.03-5710


Smart Plugs:

Device HW FW
DSP-W115 A1 N/A
DSP-W245 A1
DSP-P113 A1


Device HW FW


Rank: 1.5