What hard drives are compatible with DNS-323?

Most SATA hard drives are compatible with DNS-323.


Below is a list of hard drives that had been tested successfully with the DNS-323 at the time of writing.


Please note that firmware 1.01 is required to use hard drives with a capacity of 750 GB or more.


HDT722525DLA380 250GB
HDS725050KLA360 500GB
HDS722580VLSA80 80GB

6V080E0 80GB
6L300S0 300GB
6Y120M0 120GB

SP1213C 120GB

ST380810AS 80GB
ST3200826AS 200GB
ST3400832AS 400GB
ST3400633NS 400GB

ST3400833NS 400GB

ST3750640NS 750GB *

Western Digital
WD800JD 80GB
WD1600JS 160GB
WD2000JS 200GB
WD4000KD 400GB


*Requires 1.01 or later firmware

Rank: 1.5