What media files can I play on the DSM-320 / 320RD?

On your DSM-320, you can stream media files stored on your PChard drive, using the D-Link Media Server software (included inyour product CD). A media file is either photo, music orvideo.

Supported photo formats

BMP (non-compressed) Windows bitmap file.Widely used in Microsoft Windows for pictures and backgrounds.

JPEG (grayscale, RGB, YCbCy) (Does not supportCMYK, YCCK.) The JPEG format is the Internet and digital photoformat standard used by most digital cameras.

GIF (Animated GIF's are not supported) Olderformat still widely available on the internet for photos, webpages, and clip art.

PNG (Non-alpha channel only) Portable NetworkGraphics standard created in response to limitations in the GIFfile format.

TIFF (RGB) (Does not support CMYK, YMC, YMCK,KCMY) Tagged Image File Format is a raster file format.

JPEG2000 JPEG2000 is a new image format basedon the latest compression technology.

Supported music formats

MP3 (up to 192 kbps) MPEG-1, Layer 3 Audio file-The standard Internet music file format. This is the most commonlyused audio format.

WMA (Does not support WMA lossless, WMA Pro)Windows Media Audio file - Supported by the Microsoft Windows Mediaplayer and some music jukebox programs.

WAV WAV was developed by Microsoft and IBM. WAVsound files end in .wav and are compatible with Windowsapplications supporting audio.

AIFF (AIFF files must be encoded in PCM formatonly.) AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) was developed by AppleComputers and is the standard audio format for Macintosh computers.File extensions are .AIF or .IEF.

MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 MovingPictures Experts Group created standards for compressing audio andvideo. Audio uses the file extension .mp3.

OGG Vorbis Open source audio format. Uses thefile extension .ogg.

Supported video formats

MPEG-1 (up to 8Mbps)

MPEG-2 (up to 8Mbps)

MPEG-4 (ASP - Advanced Simple Profile)

AVI (MPEG4 layer only, does not supportuncompressed AVI)

XVID (with MP3 and PCM)

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