How do I update my DCH-S150, my DSP-W215 or my DCH-M225 firmware?

PLEASET NOTE: Updating the firmware of these products will clear all stored settings. Your product will need to be added to your mydlink Home account again.
D-Link will not be held responsible in the event of mishandling leading to failure of the product.

This procedure is the same for DCH-S150, DSP-W215 and DCH-M225. This document is based on the example of DCH-S150.


- A computer
- The correct update file for your product, available in the support section of your product
- Disable your firewall and antivirus software.


Step 1 – Press and hold the reset button, whilst you plug in the product.

Step 2 – Wait approximately 10 seconds, the status LED should flash red. Release the reset button.

Step 3 – Connect your computer to the SSID (wireless network) of your product (in this example, the SSID would be DCH-S150XXXX; where XXXX is the last 4 digits of the MAC address of the product).

Step 4 – Open your web browser and go to ( for the DCH-M225)


Step 5 – Click “Select Firmware” and select the correct firmware update file, then click “Upgrade Firmware”.


Step 6 – Once the firmware update is completed, the product will restart.


Step 7 – Unplug the product from the wall socket, and plug it back in.

Step 8 – Repeat the setup procedure for the product using the mydlink Home app on your android or iOS device to reconfigure your product.

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