4G LTE M2M Router


  • Product Status (EU_RevA1): End of Sale

Key Features

Blazing fast 3G/4G LTE speeds

Downlink speeds of up to 150 Mbps1, uplink speeds of up to 50Mbps1.

Built tough.

Easily withstands extreme temperatures between -20 to 60 ˚C (-4 to 140 ˚F).

Dual-SIM slots

Two configurable dual-SIMs provide fallback for maximum redundancy and flexibility for a wide range of Machine to Machine (M2M) environments.

Easy to deploy

Wall mount clips for IP cameras and other systems like vending machines, waste management, public access points, and a huge range of others.

Advanced VPN

AES encryption, Legacy DES and 3DES support.

Easy-to-use management

Free D-View 7, and SNMP management support for rapid deployment. TR-069, and CPE WAN protocols.

Discreet size

At just 93 x 70 x 23.6 mm it’s for easy deployment with cameras that can be access remotely.

Four LED light indicators

For power, internet, network type, and signal indicators.

Two external antennas

With SMA connectors, for efficiently transmitting and receiving data.

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VPN security router
Antenna type
2 detachable omni-directional antennas
Wired interface
1 x Fast Ethernet LAN
3G/4G LTE support
3G/4G LTE via Dual SIM
Type of housing
VPN features
IPSec NAT Traversal
DHCP server
SNMP (v1, v2c, v3)

1 Data rates are theoretical. Data transfer rate depends on network capacity, signal strength, and environmental factors.


This product was phased out on: 08/09/2022
This product's last date of support is on: 08/09/2027
Version Date Type File Size
Datasheet EN - PDF 0.45mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
Manual 1.02 RevA2 Product Manual 03/11/2020 - - Download
Manual 1.00 Revision A2 Product Manual 12/11/2018 - - Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
QIG 1.00 RevA2 Quick Install Guide 28/01/2021 - - Download
QIG 1.03 RevA2 Quick Install Guide 03/11/2020 - - Download
QIG 321W 1.01 RevA2 Quick Install Guide 29/10/2020 - - Download
QSG 1.01 RevA1 Quick Setup Guide 15/07/2020 - - Download
QSG DWM-312W 1.01 RevA1 Quick Setup Guide 15/07/2020 - - Download
QIG 1.02 RevA2 Quick Install Guide 18/10/2019 - - Download
Version Description Date
CE doc 1.11 RevA2 CE document 21/02/2023 Download
CE doc UKCA 1.10 RevA2 CE document 17/10/2021 Download
CE doc 1.00 RevA2 CE document 12/10/2021 Download
CE doc 1.03 RevA2 CE document 25/12/2019 Download
CE doc 1.02 RevA2 CE document 28/08/2019 Download
CE doc 1.01 RevA2 CE document 20/02/2019 Download