D-Link at CES 2021 Awards

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D-Link at CES Online Event

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Entertaining Everyone’s Needs

The home is the new entertainment hub, and everyone is clambering for bandwidth. D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh blankets your entire home in seamless connectivity to deliver the ultimate performance in simultaneous online gaming, 4K streaming and more.

Closing the Distance on Learning

Wi-Fi 6 brings huge improvements to latency-sensitive data such as group video chats, so there’ll be no more dropped calls or people speaking over each other, even during online group classes! And even if you’ve got several kids attending different classes at the same time, with Wi-Fi 6 throughout your home handling more devices than ever before, the network won’t balk.

Taking Care of Business

Distance shouldn’t get in the way of teams doing good business together, D-Link streamlines connectivity for both employers and employees alike. On top of that, 5G isn’t just speed, it brings powerful new security features to the table. Paired with professional-grade VPN options, it enables a host of new business applications and keeps sensitive work data secure.

Enabling a Smart and Safer Home

With the whole family being at home more than ever before, a better-automated, smarter dwelling place is radically simplifying home management thanks to mydlink. Intelligent AI cameras make things like non-contact deliveries and front step drop-offs securer, while mydlink keeps you fully informed of all the in-and-outs of your home, so you can rest easy.

Product Showcase

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CES 2021 Awards


Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor Kit


USB-C to 2.5G Ethernet Adapter

Watch The D-Link Online Event

This year’s topic is digital transformation and how it will redefine the home as a beacon of stability in such turbulent times. Focusing on four key topics — entertainment, long-distance learning, working from home, and finally, a smarter smart home — we’ll be showing off our hard work since the last CES in Vegas.

The home is about to be so much more.

Interview with VP of Product Center I - ML Jean

Interview with VP of Product Center II - Shang Lin

Interview with VP of Product Center III - GK Lee

Wi-Fi 6 & Mesh

5G Technology

2.5G Ethernet


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