D-Link @ MWC 2020

We’re back again this year at Mobile World Congress 2020 to experience firsthand tomorrow’s connectivity.

With digital transformation a necessity, we’re thinking potentialities, not problems. We’re building the solutions that can help big industry, service providers, SMBs and large enterprise alike embrace digital transformation and further enable growth.


Unbeatable reliability. High Performance.

When consumer hardware just doesn’t cut it, our ruggedized Industrial Switching Solutions are ready to take on the challenge of harsh environments. They provide the reliability that new challenges such as Smart Cities, surveillance and intelligent transports systems demand. Meanwhile, with the advance of factory robotics, our exciting 4G Private Network Solutions provide the foundation on which to establish your operations.


Cutting your costs while still driving growth

The competition for viewers is only going to get fiercer. Rapidly changing customer expectations demand a network that is adaptable. D-Link has powerful switching solutions that enable you to respond to a changing market and excel over your competitors. 

Working with Service Providers, we enable you to not just break even, but create bigger profit margins by maintaining subscriber base, driving additional revenue streams and lowering the churn rate.


From Smart Home to an Intelligent one

D-Link have reimagined home surveillance and IoT home automation. We’ve added enhanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to IoT devices, creating a more personalized experience that transforms your Smart Home into a truly Intelligent Home. To make life easier around your Intelligent Home, the mydlink ecosystem is completely interoperable and works seamlessly with the Google Assistant and Alexa.

We’ve created whole home networking solutions that are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ or D-Link Proprietary Mesh enabled ensuring that your whole home is covered in one seamless, stable Mesh Wi-Fi network.

The EXO|AX Series of Wi-Fi 6 routers deliver exceptional capacity, unprecedented efficiency, and wireless networks made for IoT and the Smart Home. 

We've also harnessed the power of 5G, allowing you to experience the same incredible speeds whether you are inside the home, at the office or on the road.