D-Link Edge Cloud Solution - Network Agility for Enterprise loT Management

We’re changing the way you work

With revolutionary LTE/5G technology, explore the possibility of deploying an agile mobile edge network to streamline operations, increase output and improve bottom lines.

Easy to Deploy, Manage & Scale

Effortlessly deploy, configure, and manage multiple networks remotely via a web portal.

Future-Proofed for 5G Migration

The D-ECS software platform utilises 5G-native architecture that’s built for compatibility with future integrations of 5G devices.

Great Network Control & Visibility

Monitor your private network through real-time diagnostics, usage analytics and status reports.


Stay Safely Connected

Cyber attacks can cause network failure for IoT devices. That’s why we’ve extended security beyond protecting sensitive information by including dual-SIM (quad-SIM for vehicle applications) routers for redundancy, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical applications.

- End-to-End Encryption
- Multi-Tenant Access
- Role-Based Administration
- Dual-SIM Redundancy


Network Management Efficiency

Mission-critical applications are downtime intolerant. Automated network task services alleviate administrators of routine tasks, saving more time for network monitoring and preventive maintenance. D-ECS also features automatic failure detection and alerts to resolve network issues quickly and efficiently.

- Configuration Updates
- Scheduled Firmware Upgrades
- Failure Detection/Alert
- Automated Reports
- Routine Reboots


Effortless Network Expansions

D-ECS takes scalability to a higher standard with Zero Touch Deployment using cloud management for effortless network expansions. Able to support a virtually unlimited number of edge devices, D-ECS is ideal for managing LTE/5G networks.

- Zero Touch Deployment
- On-Demand Scalability
- Unlimited Network Expansions
- Batch Cloud Configuration


Network Status at A Glance

D-ECS enables a comprehensive view of network infrastructure at a glance with real-time monitoring and status reports. All edge device locations are conveniently shown in an integrated Google Maps display.

- Map Display of Network Nodes
- GPS Location & Route History
- Event Filtering
- Searchable Event Log

Multi-Protocol Support

D-ECS is an advanced EaaS (Edge as a Service) cloud computing platform designed to help MSPs, SMBs and enterprises manage a variety of M2M devices via protocols.

Eclipse MQTT broker for M2M device communication

GPX metadata for GPS routing info

SNMP for network monitoring & ONVIF S for IP camera configuration

TR111, TR143, TR069 & TR098 for CPE & ACS communication

Download the D-ECS Solution Guide

Discover how our 5G/LTE technology can revolutionise your business by streamlining operations, increasing output and improving bottom lines.


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