20W Adapter with Dual port output. (Type C + Type A)


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Charge with Trust
  • PDQC compatible Fast Charging Adapter
  • It has short-circuit, over voltage, over current, over temperature protection
  • Used to charge Mobiles, Bluetooth devices
  • It has 1* USB-C Port and 1* USB-A port
  • Up to 20W output Power

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Performance & Power-Delivery

DPA-F2011 is a Power Delivery and Quick Charge, Fast charging adapter. This device has one USB C port and one USB-A port for charging. This adapter can provide up to 20W. Used for charging mobile devices. Fast charging is compatible with PD and QC compatible devices. This is an extremely useful adapter with very compact size & easy to carry.

Model No DPA-F2011
Connector Type Type C + Type A
Input Voltage 100-240V (AC) 50-60Hz
Type C Output DC 5V/3A,9 V/2.22A ,12 V/1.67A
USB-A Output DC 5V/3A,9 V/2A ,12 V/1.67A
Protection Over current protection, short circuit protection, Over temperature protection, Output over voltage protection
Ambient Condition 80%
Supported Charging Protocols USB-A Port Apple2.4A,Samsung-5V-2A QC3.0-3.6V-12.0V DCP-1.5A QC2.0-9V-12V Samsung-AFC-9V-12V Huawei -FCP-9V-12V-36.0W Huawei -SCP-3.4~5.5V-36.0W VOOC/DASH/WRAP-3.3~5.5V SuperVOOC-10V USB-C Port Apple2.4A,Samsung-5V-2A QC3.0-3.6V-12.0V DCP-1.5A, QC2.0-9V-12V Samsung-AFC-9V-12V Huawei -FCP-9V-12V-36.0W Huawei -SCP-3.4~5.5V-36.0W PD3.0 PPS 22W
Max. Wattage 20Watts (Max)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Dimension 40 X 30 X 20 mm
Compliance of Standards BIS


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Datasheet - PDF 1.05mb Download