How do I upgrade the PROM code on an xStack series (DGS-3324SR DGS-3324SRi DXS-3326GSR DXS-3350SR) switches?

Step 1. Run HyperTerminal from Start >Programs > Accessories > Communications >HyperTerminal.

Step 2. On the Connection Description window,enter a name for this connection. Click OK.

Step 3. On the Connect To window, select the COMport that the serial cable is connected to using the drop-down boxnext to Connect Using. Click OK.

Step 4. On the COMX Properties (X represents theCOM port number) window, select the following settings using thedrop-down boxes:

  • Bits per second - 115200
  • Data bits - 8
  • Parity - None
  • Stop bits - 1
  • Flow control - Hardware

Click OK

You will now see a blank screen which shows Connected at the bottomleft hand corner of the screen.

Step 5. Log into the switch and then reboot theswitch.

Step 6. Press "#" (Shift 3) before the POST runsto 100%.

Step 7. After a short delay, the switch willattempt to establish a connection to the Z-Modem, as shownbelow.

Step 8. Click Transfer -> SendFile, which will open the "Send File" window:

Step 9. Choose the PROM file to be upgraded byutilizing the Browse button and pressing "Send."After the file transfer has completed, the device will rebootautomatically.
IMPORTANT: During the reboot process, DO NOT power off theswitch. Doing so will cause a boot failure and the device cannot berebooted. The RMA (Return Material Authorization) process will beneeded for recovery.

Step 10. After rebooting, the PROM version will bechanged.

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