How do I open and forward a port on the DSL-G604T to allow my software to fully access the internet?

These instructions are based on Firmware UK20050815. Otherfirmwares may have a different appearence.

Step 1. Open Internet Explorer andtype in the IP address of the DSL-G604T (default is Enter.

Step 2. Enter the Login nameand password (default is admin/admin). Click onLogin.

Step 3. Click on the Advancedtab at the top and then click onPort Forwarding on the left.

Note: If your computer is setup with Static IP, you may getthe message below.

Optional Enter the IP address ofthe computer, where you want the port forwarded to. Alsoenter the name of that machine. PressApply.

Optional As you can see on the picture below,Dynamic Addresses are added automatically, when your computer issetup with Dynamic IP.

Step 4. Click on Advanced thenPort Forwarding.

Step 5. Click on User thenAdd

Step 6. Enter a name for yourrule, which protocol it is using, whatport range to use, and what internalport to use. Then, press Apply.
scenario: yoursoftware technical support instructs you to openTCP210-212 on your router.
In this case, make up a name for the rule, selectthe protocol TCP, Port Start 210, Port End 212.
The Port Map is the port your computer and router will use tocommunicate internally, and does not need to be same as PortMap.


Step 7. Verify that your entries are correct,then click on Port Forwarding on your leftside.

Step 8. Select your computer in LANIP (there may be one or multiple).
Select User, click on the name of your new rule(to highlight it) then press Add>
Verify that your rule gets listed under AppliedRules. Then, press Apply.

Step 9. Press Tools thenSystem Commands. Press on Save All.

Step 10. Press Back. The setupon the router is now done and permantenly saved. You can now useyour application on the machine you configured in step 8

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