What wireless security does the DWL-G650 offer?

It is possible to connect the DWL-G650 securelyto wireless networks, secured with the followingstandards:

  • WEP 64/128bits

Hexadecimal or ASCII characters using an open, shared orautomatic key.

  • WPA Personal

Passphrase (PreSharedKey) with TKIP.

  • WPA2 Personal

Passphrase (PreSharedKey) with TKIP or AES.

Only the current H/W Cx support WPA2. H/W Ax and Bxhave no support for WPA2 as the release was before WPA2 wasintroduced.

Windows Wireless Zero Configuration

In Windows XP and Windows 2003, the built in service can be usedto manage your wireless connections. In order to use all the abovesecurity standards, the latest Service Pack and updates arerequired.

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