How do I install the DWL-122 in Windows 98SE ME 2000 and XP?

NOTE: Make sure you run the installation CD before you physicallyconnect the DWL-122 computer.

Step 1 Insert the D-Link Air DWL-122Driver CD into the CD-ROM drive and click on InstallDriver/PC Utility.

Step 2 Follow the Install Shield Wizard,by clicking Next, to install the D-Link utility inthe default locations.

Step 3 When the Install Shield Wizard iscomplete select No, I will restart my computerlater and click the Finish button.

Step 4 Shut down computer completely. When offconnect the DWL-122 to an available USB port and then turn thecomputer back on.

Step 5 When the Found New Hardware Wizardappears select Install the software automatically(Recommended) and click on the Nextbutton.

Note: In Windows 2000 and XP you may see theDigital Signature Not Found message, click ContinueAnyway to continue with the installation.

Step 6 After Windows finds and installs thedrivers click on the Finish button to complete theinstallation.

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