How do I setup the D ViewCam Mobile app with my D Link NVR

The D-viewCam mobile app allows you to view live feeds and playback recorded video from your NVR or Running D-ViewCam software using your Apple or Android Smartphone.

Note: You must be using D-ViewCam software with enabled Live Streaming and/or Playback server. You can also connect to D-Link NVR (DNR-322L or DNR-326).

Step 1: Download the D-ViewCam Mobile App from the Apple or Android App Store and launch the App

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Step 2: Click on the + icon on the top right to add your NVR

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Step 3: Enter your NVR Credentials
  • Server Name: This is an Optional name for your NVR (Used to easily identify specific NVRs in a multi NVR environment)
  • Server Address: Enter the IP address of your NVR
    • Note: If using the APP within the same network enter the private IP address of the NVR (e.g. 192.168.0.x)
    • If using the APP remotely (over the internet or through 3G/4G, you would need to enter the Public/Internet IP address of your Router/Firewall.
      • If using a D-Link router, this can be found under the Status Tab of the routers setup page.
      • Contact your router manufacture or IT administrator for further assistance.
  • Live Streaming Port: 5150
  • Playback Server: 5160
  • Username: Username used to access your NVR
  • Password: Password used to access your NVR
Click Save

Note: If using the D-View Cam Mobile APP over the Internet/3G/4G you will need to open the Live Streaming and Playback Server ports on your router/firewall to allow access to the NVR. Ports 5150 and 5160 are required. (See below for instructions how to open ports on a D-Link router)

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Step 4: Select your NVR

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Opening Ports on a D-Link router
Step 1: Log into Router- Open Internet Browser and type into the address bar
Step2: Enter Username and Password (default username is admin and there is no password)
Step 3: Click on the Advanced Tab > Virtual Server
Step 4: Check to Enable
  • Name: Enter name for rule (i.e. dviewcam- Streaming)
  • IP address: Enter the IP of the PC running dviewcam (Private IP- E.g.
  • Public: 5150
  • Private: 5150
  • Protocol: All
  • Schedule: Always
Repeat for port 5160

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