How do I configure Virtual Server rules on my gaming router?

The Virtual Server feature allows access to services on your LANfrom the Internet. This feature is useful for hosting onlineservices such as FTP, web, or game servers.

Step 1. Open a web browser and type the IPaddress of the gaming router in the address bar (default is192.168.0.1). Press Enter.

Step 2. The default password is blank(nothing). Click Log In.

Step 3. Click Advanced at thetop and then click Virtual Server on the leftside.

Step 4. Configure the following:

  • Enable - Check this box to enable thisrule.
  • Name - Enter a name to identify this rule orselect a pre-defined rule using the drop-down list to theright.
  • IP Address - Enter the LAN IP address of thecomputer that is hosting the service.
  • Protocol - Select the protocol (TCP orUDP).
  • Private Port - Enter the port on the LANinterface that the service is running on.
  • Public Port - Enter the public port that willbe forwarded to the private port from the WAN interface. The publicand private port(s) are usually the same.
  • Schedule - Select Always.

Step 5. Click Save to applythe new settings.

Step 6. Click Save Settings atthe top of the screen to save the new settings.

Step 7. Click on Reboot theDevice for the new settings to take effect.

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