How to recover my DSR 250V2 from tftp

Topology:port DSR-250V2 LAN-------PC
Setup Steps:
1. DSR250V2 Upgrade Procedure from Bootloader first.
1.1 PC use SecureCRT to connect to DSR-250V2 LAN1 and Power on into Bootloader via LAN. (press “space” when turn on device) 
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2. Tftp server: use tftp64 to setup for connection
2.1 Put the file: “DSR-250v2_B1_FW1.02.005_factory” in D:\ in your PC 
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2.2 Below is by used Tftpd64 which can be downloaded from Internet first. 
Select Current Directory in D:\ to match your file in PC local location.
Select for LAN interface, and record this tftp IP address
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3. Router update procedure for DSR-250V2 HW:B1 FW: 1.02.B005
Note: upload version: HW:B1 FW: DSR-250v2_B1_FW1.02.005_factory
3.1 Execute the following commands to set server and device IP in LAN, 
before starting the upgrade:
- setenv ipaddr <<device-ip-address>>  
(ex: set up due to tftp IP is
- setenv serverip <<server-ip-address>> 
(ex: for this case:
- saveenv
Please refer to the screenshot below.
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3.2 Ping the Server IP from Bootloader to test the server reachability. 

DSR250V2recov (5)
Note: If Ping can not access, please disable the firewall first.
3.3 Now execute the below commands to upgrade the device to new firmware:
-tftpboot 0x42000000 DSR-250v2_B1_FW1.02.005_factory.img
DSR250V2recov (6) 
DSR250V2recov (7) 
If encounter below timeout situation, please disable the firewall first,
DSR250V2recov (8) 
- imgaddr=$fileaddr && source $imgaddr:script
DSR250V2recov (9) 
- reset
DSR250V2recov (10) 

3.4 After reset command, Firmware will boot 'DSR-250V2' will be prompt. 
You may need to set your PC IP to with Gateway when connecting to DSR-250V2 after reset. 
Then you can access to DSR-250V2 WebGUI successfully then updating FW to MP version as normal process.

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