How do I reset my NetDefend firewall to factory defaults?

Hardware Reset button

Step 1 Make sure the unit is powered off.

Step 2 Press and hold the reset button locatedon the back of the firewall. While continuing to hold the resetbutton, power on the firewall.

Step 3 Continue to hold the reset button for 30seconds after the unit is powered on.

Step 4 Release the reset button and thefirewall will be at factory default settings.

Note: Only when the System light comes on solid will yourfirewall is ready for configuration.


Console connection

Step 1 Connect a console cable to the consoleport of the DFL-210/800/1600 amd open a Hyper Terminal window.

Step 2 Name the new connection and click onOK.

Step 3 On the Connect to window select the COMport that the serial cable is connected to using the dropdown boxnext to Connect Using and then click on OK.

Step 4 On the COMX Properties (where Xrepresents the COM port number) window, select the followingsettings using the dropdown boxes:

* Bits per second: 9600

* Data bits: 8

* Parity: None

* Stop bits: 1

* Flow control: Hardware

Click on OK.

Step 5 Power off the firewall for 5 seconds andthen power it back on.

Step 6 When the Hyper Terminal screen comes up,select option number 1 to start the D-link firewall.

Step 7 Immediately press the Enter key onkeyboard twice to get to load menu.

Step 8 Select option 2.

Step 9 Enter Y (for yes) on the keyboard tobegin the reset.


Web configuration

Step 1 Log into the DFL´s webconfiguration. By default the IP address is and theusername and password is admin (all lower case).

Step 2 Click on the Maintenance tab at the topand select Reset from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 Select Restore the configuration tofactory default and click Reset to Factory Defaults.

Step 4 Click on OK when prompted and the unitwill begin to reset itself to default settings

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