How do I reset my DFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100 back to factory default settings?

Note: The DFL-1100 can only be reset using aconsole connection and via the web-based configuration.

You can perform a factory reset using any of the three methodslisted below:

  • Reset Button (DFL-200 & DFL-700 only)
  • Web Configuration (DFL-200, DFL-700 & DFL-1100)
  • Console Connection (DFL-200, DFL-700 & DFL-1100)

Reset Button

To perform a factory reset using the reset button, do thefollowing:

Step 1 Make sure that the DFL-200/DFL-700 ison.

Step 2 Press and hold the button located on theback of the DFL-200/DFL-700 below the word Reset using apaper clip for 10 seconds.

Web Configuration

To preform a factory reset using the web-based configuration, dothe following:

Step 1 Open a web browser and type the IP addressof the DFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100 in the address bar (default is192.168.1.1). Press Enter.

Step 2 The default username isadmin (all lower case) and there is no defaultpassword. Click OK.

Step 3 Click the Tools tab thenclick Reset to the left.

Step 4 Underneath the Restore to factorydefaults click on Restore to FactoryDefaults.

Note: On the next start up, the LAN IP addresswill be, and the web GUI will begin with the SetupWizard. The DFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100 will not accept connections onany interface other than the LAN interface.

Console Connection

To perform a factory reset using a console connection, do thefollowing:

Step 1 Connect one end of the supplied serialcable to the DFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100 and connect the other end toyour PC. If a serial cable did not come with yourDFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100 then contact Tech Support.

Step 2 Run HyperTerminal fromStart > Programs >Accessories > Communications> HyperTerminal.

Step 3 On the Connection Descriptionwindow, enter a name for this connection. ClickOK.

Step 4 On the Connect To window, selectthe COM port that the serial cable is connected to using thedrop-down box next to Connect Using. ClickOK.

Step 5 On the COMX Properties (Xrepresents the COM port number) window, select the followingsettings using the drop-down boxes:

  • Bits per second - 9600
  • Data bits - 8
  • Parity - None
  • Stop bits - 1
  • Flow control - Hardware

Click OK

You will now see a blank screen which shows Connected atthe bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Step 6 Power off for 5 seconds and then power onthe DFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100.

Step 7 You will now see the screen below. Pressany key on your keyboard to load the boot menu.

Step 8 At the Boot Menu screen select1. Reset unit to factory defaults by pressing1 on your keyboard. PressEnter.

Step 9 When prompted, press Ythen press Enter to reset theDFL-200/DFL-700/DFL-1100 back to factory defaults.

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