How do I configure Windows clients to dial into the firewall over the VPN (PPTP)?

Step 1. Make sure the firewall is using atleast firmware 1.30. If the firmware is lower than 1.30 downloadand install the firmware from the Support section of thewebsite.

Step 2. Click on Firewall at thetop then VPN on the left hand side.

Step 3. Click on Add new PPTPServer. Give the server a friendly name, set the client IPpool outside of the DHCP scope, and enable proxy arp. Hit theApply button.

Step 4. Click on Users on theleft hand side.

Step 5. Click on Add new in theLocal User Database.

Step 6. Create a username and password, then hitApply.

Step 7. Click on the ActivateChanges button in the lower left corner.

Step 8. Click on the Activate Changes button inthe middle of the screen.

To configure your Win2k/WinXP client follow the stepsbelow:

Step 1. Right-click My NetworkPlaces and select Properties.

Step 2. Create a NewConnection.

Step 3. The Network Wizard will appear. Click onNext to continue.

Step 4. Choose your Network ConnectionType (You will be connecting to a private network). ClickNext.

Step 5. Enter the DestinationAddress. This will be your public IP address found on theStatus tab of the DFL.

Step 6. Select All Users for theConnection Availability and clickNext.

Step 7. Add a shortcut to your desktop and clickon Finish.

Step 8. Enter your Username andPassword to connect to the virtual privateconnection. Click the Connect button toauthenticate to the DFL. You will see a balloon pop-up indicatingthat you have connection.

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