How do I install my DFE-530TX in Windows 95?

When installing the driver for DFE-530TX in the Win95, if youspecify the path A:\, the driver disk will install the NDIS4 driverfor DFE-530TX. Unfortunately, the DFE-530TX cannot work under NDIS4driver in Win95A.

Based on the specification of Microsoft, the Win95a requires NDIS3driver, and the Win95 OSR2 and the Win98 require NDIS4 driver.Please do the following steps to fix this problem:

1. Remove the DFE-530TX adapter in the Network Configuration.
2. Delete the NETDLFET.INF file in the \WINDOWS\INFdirectory.
3. Delete the DLKFET.SYS file in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEMdirectory.
4. Reboot the PC.
5. When the Win95 detects the new adapter, specify the pathA:\WIN95 to install the NDIS3 driver for Win95a.

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