How do I install my DFE-530TX in Windows 2000?

    1. Make sure your computer is power-off.

     2. Plug the adapter into one PCI slotof your computer.

     3. Turn on the power. Your computershould be booting.

     4. Windows 2000 will find new hardware,and
        "Found New HardwareWizard" will appear.

     5. Insert the driver diskette into thefloppy disk, and
        press "Next", and "Next"again in the following windows.

     6. Select "Specify a location" in thecheckbox, and press "Next"
        to continue.

     7. In the following dialog box, specifythe directory of the driver
        files. For example:


        and then click"OK".

     8. The wizard should found the drivernow. Follow the direction
        to completeinstallation.

     9. After finishing the installation,there should be a new
        'Local Area Connection'will appear and the LAN card should be working.

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