Virtual Stacking (SIM)

Use the following steps to implement the "Single IP Management" functionality.

1)  First choose the unit that will become the Commander Switch, and the switch that will be the Candidate switch.

2) Choose "enabled "and click Apply to enable Single IP Management (SIM) from the switch configuration in the graphical interface, L3 Functions> Single IP Management> Global Settings SIM.

3) After activating the changes in the “SIM” option, you can then select in the “Role State” if the device will be Commander or Candidate. Then click Apply.

4) To save the changes, from the top menu select SAVE>Save configuration and click Save Settings to save and complete the configuration.

On the switch configured as Commander, within the Single IP Management option you will now see “Topology”, “Firmware Upgrade”, “Configuration File Backup / Restore” and “Up-load Log File” options.

Select Topology (be sure to allow the java applet). Click on view and select Topology. On devices configured as Candidate right-click and select Add to Group. It will ask the password for the switch, if you have not set a password, you will not see this option. Click OK, and the device will be added to the SIM management.





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