How to create a key for the wireless network of your product DHP-W306AV?

  • Change to a computer that is connected by cable to the router or switch and make sure the LED that has a drawing of a house is on before starting, if the LED is not lit it indicates that the PLC is not synchronized.
  • Open the following address in the browser of your computer, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.
  • If an installation wizard cancel it. If he asks for username and password use as user "Admin" and Password blank (no password) and chop on the "Log In"
  • Once inside the product configuration click on the SETUP option located in the top menu
  • WIRELESS SETUP Click on the menu on the left
  • Towards the end of the page you will find the title "WIFI PROTECTED SETUP", (if this option is not pink in the top menu on Advanced in the menu on the left find the Wi-Fi Pro-tected Setup, click there and proceed to)


  • Uncheck ENABLE and click SAVE SETTINGS. (If you see the LOGIN page, this means that it has taken too long for the procedure and will have to do it from the beginning again)
  • Wait until the changes are saved and click BACK.
  • SETUP Click on the top menu
  • WIRELESS SETUP Click on the menu on the left
  • Under the title WIRELESS NETWORK SETTINGS find the Wireless Network Name op-tion, here you have to change the name of your wireless network, you can put any name (home, office, etc.)
  • In the centre locate the section SECURITY MODE
  • Select the "Enable WPA2-AUTO" or "WPA-Personal"
  • Below you will see a title called WPA2-AUTO, go to the page parameter called Pre Shared Key or Passphrase
  • Enter a password for your wireless network (minimum 8 characters) Please note that this will be your wireless network key so you have to remember to connect wirelessly.
  • Click on SAVE SETTINGS. Wait for it to save changes and click BACK.
  • You can now close the browser

At this time the product is already configured. From your wireless computer search again for available networks and find the new network name that has been given to your Wi-Fi net-work, you will notice that the network now appears with a lock because it has security ena-bled, click to connect to the network and the operating system prompts you set the key to connect, once connected usually remember your password operating system on your computer and not have to enter it each time you connect.

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