How to change wireless network setting for powerline DHP-311AV?

Changing wireless network settings

Installation Considerations Powerline:
• Plan the location of Powerline devices:
• Connect the Powerline devices to electrical outlets that are not controlled by a wall switch to prevent accidental turn off power to the device.
• Do not connect the Powerline devices to an extension cord, surge protector or power strip, as this will prevent it work
Correctly or reduce network performance.
• Avoid using the Powerline devices into an electrical outlet located near a device that uses a lot of energy, such as a washer, dryer or refrigerator.                                                                                                                                                                                           This could prevent the adapter to function properly or have a negative impact on network performance.
Once all of the above have been considered, we can commence with the configuration

1. Open the following address in Internet Explorer  http://dlinkap

2. If an installation wizard appears, cancel it. If prompted, enter user “admin” and pass-word is left blank

3. Once product menus appear click on top menu “ADVANCED”

4. Click on “WIFI PROTECTED SETUP” on the left hand-side menu and uncheck where you see “ENABLE”

5. Click “SAVE SETTINGS”. Wait for it to save changes and click “BACK”

6. Click “SETUP” in the top menu

7. WIRELESS SETUP Click on the menu on the left

8. In the centre, change the network name (SSID) for a different one that is not being used at present

9. Scroll down to the section “SECURITY MODE”


11. Go to last page parameter called “PRE SHARED KEY”

12. Enter a password for your wireless network (at least 8 characters and if better in lowercase letters) and remember this. You will need this at a later date

13. Click “SAVE SETTINGS”. Wait for it to save changes and click “BACK”.
14. You can now close the browser

15. To connect to the new wireless network name set up with the steps above to scan the network, look for the network name and then enter the password


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