Recovery procedures of the cameras after bad flash firmware

The following illustrates recovery procedures for various models of D-Link cameras and may be used when the camera become unusable as a result of errors or malfunctions during the firmware update.

A) IP Camera DCS-930L - DCS-932L Ax Bx - DCS-933L - DCS-5010L - DCS-5020L

1. Turn off the camera (remove the power cord)
2. Press and hold the reset button then
3. Plug the power cord into the device while holding down the reset button for 10 seconds
4. The camera will boot and therefore the web interface for emergency recovery will default to IP
5. Connect your PC or laptop to the camera with an Ethernet cable set the network adapter to a static IP of:
6. Open your browser and type the IP address, select specific firmware for your device and proceed with uploading
7. Wait until end of upload procedure and then restart the camera that can take up to 5 minutes depending on the model

B) IP Cameras DCS-5222L Ax Bx - DCS-2332L - DCS-2132L Ax Bx - DCS-2310L - DCS-6010L - DCS-7010L - DCS-2136L - DCS-2330L - DCS-2332L.

1. Create inside a MicroSD (formatted in FAT32) folder named "upgrade"
2. Copy to the folder "upgrade" the firmware file for the recovery of the camera and rename it to "update.bin"
3. Turn off the camera (remove the power cord) and insert the MicroSD into the slot provided
4. Press and hold the reset button (for example use a paper-clip)
5. Plug the power cord into the device whilst holding down the reset button for about 3 seconds, until the red LED starts flashing. Immediately release the reset button
6. Wait 140-160 seconds until the camera completes the process of recovery of the firmware without removing the power cord
7. At the end of the process the LED will stop flashing and turn green
8. At this point, remove the power cord and remove the MicroSD card

C) Only wireless IP cameras as the DCS-935L

1. Download the latest firmware available for the camera and un-zip on the desktop
2. Reset the camera by pressing and holding the reset button for 10-15 seconds:
    a) Whilst the cam is turned on (applies to almost all models)
    b) Wait until the cam is turned off and while turning to other models (DCS-935L);
3. Wait for 120 seconds for the camera to restart and listen very carefully for clicks:
If you hear a few clicks, even if the status LED is solid red this is a good sign.
4. For the cam that the only Wi-Fi, which does not have an Ethernet port, after the reset and reboot you should see wireless network (SSID) named: rescue3-xxxx.
The camera therefore becomes an AP and recovery maybe done via connecting your PC to the wireless network mentioned above in “rescue3-xxxx”. 
After making the connection it doesn’t require a password, check the properties of the IP Gateway assigned by the AP-cam to the PC.
Open your web browser and enter that IP of the gateway – Please check you are not connected to any other network connections
5. Whilst in the web interface “Emergency Recovery” select the firmware (Step 1) and click Upload and wait until the camera to update and restart.

The process can take up to 5 minutes.

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