Is Your Internet Letting You Down Without You Knowing?

Typical Networking Gripes
In the throws of conversation, when the topic turns to work and I reveal to people that I’m affiliated with D-Link, the immediate response is often praise for their internet connection. Yet, like clockwork, shortly after, there's inevitably a 'but':

'but' I face buffering in my bedroom whilst streaming Netflix.
'but' The internet speed dwindles considerably upstairs in my study.
'but' The Wi-Fi doesn't stretch to my summer house or garage.
'but' I wish I could work without hitches in the garden.
Many are gobsmacked when I suggest that these aren't insurmountable issues and often they're not resolved just by swapping ISPs or receiving a fresher router from them.

A Personal Tale: The Marvel of Upgrades

To illustrate my point, let's take a jaunt down my personal experience lane. My 40-minute Elizabeth Line jaunt into London is the optimal time to indulge in an episode of Cobra Kai or whatever my legally downloaded TV show of preference is. During my initial tenure at D-Link, I was saddled with a dated ISP-provided router and modem. Transferring content wirelessly to my iPad was painstakingly slow, especially when juxtaposed with the wired prowess of my desktop.

On sharing my plight with our Technical Lead Engineer at D-Link, he handed me a more advanced router to trial - the DIR-2660. It transpired that my ancient router was trailing by one or even two wireless standards. The eureka moment was when a speed test with the spruced-up router elevated my upload speed from a trifling 1.7 meg to an impressive 17.2 meg.

The lesson? Sometimes we're blissfully ignorant of a shortcoming until someone sheds light on it. Minor upgrades can usher in monumental network enhancements. Think of it as transitioning from a modest Skoda engine to the might of a Ferrari.

Here's a simple diagnostic: conduct a speed test adjacent to your router and subsequently at its most distant point in your home. The results may well be revelatory. We recommend Speedtest by Ookla, but other services exist.

Bespoke Remedies for Specific Quandaries

Perturbed by your speed test results? You might be pondering: what's the remedy?

Although there's no panacea, here are some curated recommendations:

For Flat/Apartment Residents:

Mighty Router: The R32 stands as D-Link's pièce de résistance Wi-Fi 6 router. Combining the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology with convenient AI, the router offers incredible Wi-Fi coverage and speed that’s always optimising and improving, for reliable, efficient, and fast Internet coverage.

Router-Extender Ensemble: A more economical choice is teaming up the EAGLE PRO AI R15 router with an E15 extender. This pair delivers both velocity and expansive coverage to tackle Wi-Fi voids.
Mesh Solutions: Mull over the M15-2/3 - Mesh nodes are notedly more 'lifestyle' than routers and would not be out of place in most modern homes.

For Expansive Dwellings with Outlying Buildings:

Mesh Strategies: Opt for a 3 or 4 node mesh setup. For additional outreach to annexed structures, blend it with an E15 extender.
While there are other strategies such as access points and wired connections with switches, for many, the mesh route is both straightforward and economical.

Require More Guidance?
For those yearning for intricate counsel or grappling with complex technical tribulations, you can contact us via our live chat / or drop us an email

Remember, a seamless internet adventure is often a mere tweak away!

By Alan Jones, Marketing Manager, D-Link

A highly experienced Marketing professional, Alan Jones has led the UK&I Marketing Strategy of D-Link for 4 years.