ShareCenter 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure


  • Product Status (UK Revision A): End of Life
Add SATA drives with ease

Insert up to four internal 3.5-inch SATA hard drives without the need for additional tools and cables.

Back up and protect files

Protect important files by making backups through selectable RAID1 or RAID5 technology.

Multifunctional USB 2.0 port

Connects to printer for print sharing or UPS for monitoring

Secure digital file sharing feature

The D-Link DNS-343 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure enables you to add disk storage on the network to share documents, files, and digital media such as music, videos and photos. With 4 bays, this storage enclosure is ideal for server deployment in office settings, allowing businesses to flexibly add up to four internal SATA drives on a per-need basis to fulfill storage requirements as they grow. Remote access to files from the Internet is also possible with the builtin FTP server. With this FTP feature, company employees can access work files via the Internet while outside the office. In addition, data will be kept safe, whether accessed locally or over the Internet, through owner-defined rights given to specific users or groups. When you configure the DNS-343, you can set up access privileges by setting up users, groups and folders and their respective permissions. This security feature is ideal for an office environment with employee-specific sensitive data.

Stream digital media content with the built-in media server

Easily back up your digital media files to the DNS-343 for safekeeping. After securing your files, enjoy the benefits of its built-in UPnP AV media server as you stream digital content to compatible media players (such as those found in D-Link’s MediaLounge product line). An extra functionality offered by the DNS-343 is the built-in OLED screen, which updates you on drive quotes, server status, and other integral system information in real time.

Protection, performance and reliability

The availability of five different hard drive modes (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5) allows you to choose the configuration best suited to your needs. Standard mode creates four separately accessible hard drives. JBOD combines the drives together in linear fashion for maximum space efficiency. RAID 0 combines the drives in a ‘striped’ configuration, and is the choice offering the highest performance. RAID 1 causes the drives to mirror each other, providing maximum protection. If one drive fails while configured as RAID 1, the unaffected drive continues to function as a single drive until the failed drive is replaced. The new drive will then be remirrored, allowing the DNS-343 to return to its previously secured state. RAID 5 allocates data across three or more drives and combines storage efficiency with reliable file protection.

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  • Four Hard Drive Bays for 3.5” SATA Hard Drives of up to 2TB1
  • Six Hard Drive Configurations: Standard, JBOD (Linear), RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 102
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity
  • Built-in FTP Server
  • Multipurpose USB Port (Print Server. UPS monitoring)
  • Users and Groups Permissions and Quotas
  • Scandisk and Defragment Utilities
  • UPnP AV Server for Streaming content to Compatible Media Players3
  • Backup Software allowing Full or Incremental Backups
  • Scheduled Downloads from Web or FTP Sites
  • Automatic E-Mail Notifications
  • Power Management
  • D-Link Easy Search Utility
  • Configurable by Web Browser
  • 2-year warranty

1 Hard Drive(s) not included.
2 RAID 1 mirroring requires the use of 2 internal SATA drives.
3 D-Link cannot guarantee full compatibility or proper playback with all codecs. Playback capability depends on the codec support of the UPnP™ AV media player.
This product was phased out on: 19/11/2012
This product's last date of support is on: 19/11/2014
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Datasheet for DNS-343 - PDF 1.15mb Download
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DNS-343 Manual DNS-343 Manual - PDF 9.11mb Download
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1.0 Quick Installation Guide DNS-343 - PDF 3.07mb Download
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DNS-343 Firmware 1.03 DNS-343 Firmware 10/10/2009 - Download
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UK_Drivers_V_1_01 PnP-X Driver for DNS-343 - Download
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DNS-343 Widget forFirmware v1.03 1.01 DNS-343 Widget for Firmware v1.03 10/10/2009 Download
Easy Search Utility 4.8 Easy Search Utility 10/10/2009 Download
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UK_DNS_343 HDD Printer and UPS Compatibility List v1_0 DNS-343 HDD, Printer and UPS Compatibility List v1.0 - Download