VR Air Bridge


  • Product Status (Revision A1): Live
  • Dedicated wireless link from your gaming PC1 to your Meta Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro/Meta Quest 3 VR headset
  • Full 360° freedom of movement in VR, without the Quest Link cable
  • Fast, dedicated Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), with OFDMA and MU-MIMO efficiency
  • Ultra low-latency features for smoother VR experiences
  • Expanded VR games & apps from Meta Rift library
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 & includes USB cradle
  • 2-Year D-Link Warranty

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Enjoy vivid VR, with 360° freedom to move.

Experience wire-free Meta Quest VR gaming with this official Made for Meta accessory - the D-Link VR Air Bridge (DWA-F18). Create a dedicated
Wi-Fi 6 wireless link from your gaming computer1 to your Meta Quest headset. Now you can enjoy lag-free VR games using the latest generation of wireless, without the Quest Link cable.

360° VR - freedom to move

Enjoy the ultimate freedom of full 360° movement in VR

Optimised, VR-ready accessory

Designed for lag-free Meta Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro/Meta Quest 3 VR gaming and streaming without the Quest Link cable

High-speed Wi-Fi 6

Enjoy a more immersive and highly responsive VR experience

Made for Meta

Designed to create a dedicated wireless link between your gaming PC and your Meta Quest headset

Dedicated wireless link to your headset

High-speed Wi-Fi bridging for low latency, smoother VR

Designed for portability

Easy to carry in a laptop bag and take with you

Efficient & stable connectivity with OFDMA

Transmits data packets all together at once so you enjoy faster frame rates

Advanced Wireless Security

Uses the latest WPA3 for powerful security encryption

Fix Meta Quest VR lag. Never get tied down again.

  • Experiencing VR lag? 
    Using a home router with a congested wireless network for VR can overload your network and result in poor connection speeds that interrupt or even disconnect your VR

  • Quest Link Cable tying you down? 
    The cable can keep you from reaching further into your physical space and detracts from the VR experience

  • Enjoy VR and freedom to move
    The Air Bridge creates a direct and dedicated wireless link to your Meta Quest headset so you can enjoy wire-free VR that’s faster, smoother, and even more immersive

Roam free in high-quality VR.

Reach further distances, feel more space around you, and see breath-taking detail in VR while playing your favourite VR games – all by using one seriously fast, dedicated wireless link to your Meta Quest headset. No more tangled cords or restricted movements.

More ways to play.

With this official Meta Quest accessory, the Air Bridge expands your VR experiences and access
to the incredible range of games and apps available from the action-packed Meta Rift library.

Ahead-of-the-curve Wi-Fi 6,
from an industry leader.

We’re one of the biggest industry leaders for wireless technology. We’ve teamed up with Meta and created this authorised and optimised VR Air Bridge that's designed to specifically connect to your Meta Quest VR headset using the latest generation of wireless. The Air Bridge uses cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 to deliver faster, more efficient speeds than ever before and to keep up with the latest VR graphics.

Learn more about Wi-Fi 6

Add to your Meta Quest VR accessories today.

Unleash the full potential of your Meta Quest headset. Designed to be compatible with Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Meta Quest Pro, the Air Bridge enables you dive into immersive virtual worlds without any wires holding you back.

Get ready for a better adventure.

First check you have a reliable wired Ethernet connection from your computer to the Internet, 
then follow the steps below before you create your dedicated link from your Air Bridge to your Meta Quest VR headset.

Software requirements

For Meta Quest 2 users, check you’re on at least V4+ of the PC & headset software. For Meta Quest Pro, users must be on at least V53 PC & headset software.

VR-Ready PC.

Check your gaming PC’s optimised for VR gameplay with a USB 3 port2. See the recommended specifications below.

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2‑Year D‑Link Warranty

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VR-Ready Windows 10 or 11 PC with a wired connection to the network is highly recommended (a PC that is connected wirelessly does not allow optimal connection)

Using a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port will affect device performance. Direct connection to a USB 3.0 port is recommended.


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Datasheet EN - PDF 0.29mb Download
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QIG 1.00 RevA1 Quick Install Guide 28/06/2023 - - Download
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CE UKCA 1.00 RevA1 CE UKCA doc 28/06/2023 Download