New AQUILA PRO AI Series Wi-Fi 6/6E mesh Wi-Fi solutions with Matter integration announced

AQUILA PRO AI Series Wi-Fi routers blend the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality for the modern smart home

01 March, 2023

D-Link Aquila Pro AI

D-Link Corporation, a global leader in connecting people, businesses, and cities with networking solutions and technology, announced today the launch of its new AQUILA PRO AI Series Wi-Fi 6/6E mesh routers and extenders, designed to enhance connectivity and reliability of smart home networks. This cutting-edge mesh Wi-Fi system will comply with the latest Matter standard and features a built-in AI algorithm to ensure a superior Wi-Fi experience.

The new Wi-Fi 6/6E mesh router boasts a unique design that balances aesthetics and functionality. Its elegant look is a stylish addition to any modern home, while its advanced features provide the ultimate smart home experience. With the AQUILA PRO AI mesh Wi-Fi system, users can enjoy up to 7,800 Mbps of lightning-fast tri-band speeds, enhanced coverage, and a smarter, more reliable whole-home Wi-Fi network. The new series includes routers equipped with 2.5 Gigabit WAN port and four Gigabit LAN ports, making it the ideal choice for providing uninterrupted connectivity to gaming consoles, 4K/8K TV streaming, PCs, and other network devices.

The AQUILA PRO AI series includes six models, MS78, MS60, MS30, M60, M30, and E30, to provide a comprehensive mesh Wi-Fi solution to meet the changing needs of smart homes. The Made in Taiwan (MIT) quality assurance exceeds reliability expectations. The Matter-compliant MS78 AX7800 tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router, the MS60 AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router, and the MS30 AX3000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router, allow any Matter-enabled device to connect to the network seamlessly.

The M60 AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router, the M30 AX3000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router, and the E30 AX3000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 range extender completes the family to guarantee uninterrupted streaming and gaming throughout the house. Additionally, all models support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, allowing users to manage their smart homes easily.

Power of AI Technology Boosts Home Networks

The D-Link AI algorithm, which includes AI Wi-Fi Optimiser, AI Mesh Optimiser, and AI Traffic Optimiser, is designed to automatically enhance the wireless network performance to ensure optimal connections throughout the home. AI Wi-Fi Optimiser empowers Wi-Fi connections with automatic channel selection to minimise interference. AI Mesh Optimiser enables fast and reliable network coverage using auto path optimisation and self-healing capabilities. AI Traffic

Optimiser ensures uninterrupted 4K/8K video streaming and video calling with AI-based QoS technology.

Matter, an Industry-Unifying Standard for Smart Homes

Matter is the new industry standard for smart home devices, enabling seamless communication and integration between different products from different manufacturers. With Matter compliance, consumers can now enjoy a unified and more secure smart home experience where all devices work together harmoniously without needing multiple apps or hubs.

Designed to simplify the setup process of the smart home ecosystem, the D-Link AQUILA PRO AI App will be a Matter-enabled smart home app with an intuitive interface, guiding users through an effortless step-by-step onboarding process to add Matter-compliant products to their smart home network. The app displays all Matter-compatible devices in one place, allowing users to manage and control their smart home network easily. The smart scene feature will enable users to simplify home automation to enhance smart living.

"We are thrilled to introduce these new Matter-compliant Wi-Fi 6/6E mesh-ready routers to the market very soon," said CJ Chang, CEO and President of D-Link Corporation. "Our goal is to provide consumers with a smart, reliable, and elegant Wi-Fi solution to make their smart home experience even better. With advanced features and state-of-the-art design, we are confident that the AQUILA PRO AI Series will help bridge the gap between fast, reliable Wi-Fi and the convenience of a fully integrated smart home."

The AQUILA PRO AI Series will be available starting in Q2, 2023.