History of D-Link


Datex Systems, Inc. is founded to market network adapters.


D-Link (Datex) releases its first Ethernet Adapter for the PC, the DE-001.


D-Link (Datex) releases the industry's first peer-to-peer LANSmart Network Operating System.


D-Link (Datex) sets up its European subsidiary, firmly establishing its foothold in North American and European markets.

The company successfully designs and mass produces its own Ethernet controller chips, reducing the cost of key electronic components.


D-Link (Datex) introduces its first 10BASE-T Ethernet Hub, one of the earliest devices to adopt the now-standard twisted-pair network cable.


Datex Systems, Inc. is renamed D-Link Corporation

The company releases the DE-5000, its first enterprise-class chassis-based network switch, its first SNMP standard management software called D-View Network Management Program and is among the industry’s first to introduce a zero-configuration jumper-less network adapter, the DE-220CT.


D-Link’s industry-first PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter for laptop PC wins a Quality and Innovative Product Award (Taiwan).


Dataquest ranks D-Link the global leader in unmanaged Ethernet hubs in terms of port shipments.

D-Link becomes Taiwan's first networking company with a Taiwan Stock Exchange IPO. Global reach increases with the opening of D-Link International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to develop worldwide business beyond Europe, U.S.A., and Greater China. D-Link releases fault-tolerant high-bandwidth fiber-optics FDDI concentrator.


D-Link releases its first dual-speed 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter.

D-Link releases its first Ethernet switches, the DES-604 and DES-608.


D-Link releases its first managed Ethernet Switch, the DES-3205.

Later that year would follow its first router, the DE-1150 and the world's first Fast Ethernet Switch with ISDN Remote Router in stackable box.


D-Link is listed among Forbes's 300 companies.


D-Link sets up R&D centre in India to focus on e-commerce, VoIP and future products.


D-Link is among the first to release new standard IEEE 802.11a 5GHz Wireless LAN products.


BusinessWeek Magazine lists D-Link among the Annual Global Top 100 Information Tech companies.

D-Link and Texas Instruments enter into extensive collaboration for Wireless LAN products.


D-Link creates its first Wireless IP Surveillance Camera.


D-Link's R&D and manufacturing arm spins off as an independent company named Alpha Networks Inc.


D-Link is listed among Taiwan's Top 10 International Brands with a product brand value worth NTD 720 million.

The company introduces its First Gigabit Gaming Router, the DGL-4300, is introduced and subsequently goes on to win more than 25 awards.

D-Link is ranked #1 in SMB networking connectivity according to The Synergy Research Group.




Patent for D-Link’s “Zone Defense Security”.


D-Link home routers DI-524, DI-624, and DI-784 receive IPv6-Ready certification from the IPv6 Forum.


D-Link creates its first end-to-end security solution and 802.11n products.


D-Link becomes the industry’s first iSCSI SoC SAN Storage winner of Best if Interop.


D-Link becomes the first company in the networking industry to introduce Green Ethernet technology in its Gigabit switches.

D-Link global consolidated revenues hit USD 1 billion and is ranked as the 6th most valuable Taiwan Global Brand, with a brand value of USD 347 million.



D-Link launches D-View 6.0 Network Management Software.


D-Link receives the Outstanding Innovation Award for Industrial Technology Advancement from Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

D-Link's xStack DGS-3400 series, xStack DES-3528/52 series, DGS-3610 chassis series, and DES-7200 chassis series switches receive IPv6 Ready Certification from the IPv6 Forum.



D-Link launches the first Boxee HD Media Player; the Boxee Box by D-Link.


D-Link ranks #1 in Small to Large Enterprise WLAN Stand-Alone Access Points by units shipped.


D-Link launches its first Carbon Footprint certification on an Ethernet switch.


D-Link introduces revolutionary mydlink Cloud Services, launches first Cloud Router, Cloud Camera, and Cloud Storage.

D-Link shrinks the size of powerline interrnet range extenders, introducing the DHP-310AV Mini Adapter.


D-Link rolls out first 4G LTE with Cloud Solutions for service providers and consumers.

D-Link announces Zero Configuration capability for all new Cloud Routers and Cloud Cameras; adds support for select current Cloud Routers. D-Link supports World IPv6 Launch with over thirty IPv6 Ready products, including world’s first IPv6 Ready PowerLine AP and router.



D-Link enters 11AC market with first complete 11AC line-up of routers.

D-Link introduces world’s first tower shaped 11AC routers (DIR-868L, DIR-860L, DIR-850L, DIR-820L).



D-Link’s family of Cloud Solutions gains a new category, Cloud Access Points, with the release of the DAP-1160L Wireless N 150 Cloud Access Point.

D-Link launches the world’s first 11AC portable router DIR-510L.


D-Link launches its first LTE Cat 4 Router.


D-Link introduces the concept of “Get Your Home Talking” launching a series of Connected Home products, including Wi-Fi Camera, Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, all of which can be controlled by mydlink™ Home App to create a smart home life.


D-Link announces world’s first 180° Wide Eye consumer Wi-Fi camera: DCS-960L and DCS-2630L

The company also announces first orb-shaped and USB 3.0 wireless adaptor DWA-192 AC1900 Wi-Fi USB adapter.


D-Link announces the EXO Router Series in an orange housing with a focus on the antenna design and power.


D-Link announces product integrations with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.


D-Link unveils first Apple HomeKit Enabled Camera at CES


D-Link partners with McAfee on 1st security-enabled Wi-Fi Router.


D-Link announces partnership with Google Assistant.


D-Link launches new Industrial Gigabit Switches for Smart City, Factory Automation and Industry 4.0 applications.


D-Link introduces Covr - the next generation of Whole Home Wi-Fi.


D-Link creates Nuclias Cloud networking solution.


D-Link creates Nuclias Connect network solution.


D-Link launches EXO Smart Wi-Fi routers featuring Wi-Fi Mesh, McAfee protection, and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant.


D-Link announces one of the world’s first 5G Wi-Fi routers.


D-Link introduces its 1st camera with AI-based intelligent video analytics.


D-Link wins the German iF Design award 2020 and the Red Dot Design award for the DCS-8526LH Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera.


D-Link wins the CES Innovation Award for the 5G Wi-Fi 6 Mobile Hotspot DWR-2101


D-Link announces the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 USB Adapter DWA-X1850.


Launches the subsidiary brand 'EAGLE PRO AI' series of products and cloud platform services to help customers build smart homes, smart businesses, and smart industries.


D-Link wins 3 German ‘Red Dot Design Awards’ for the Full HD Pan & Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera: DCS-8526LH, 6-Port Multi-Gigabit Unmanaged Switch: DMS-106XT, and 2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: DCS-8635LH.


D-Link wins 3 Japanese ‘Good Design Awards’ for 6-Port Multi-Gigabit Unmanaged Switch: DMS-106XT, 2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: DCS-8635LH, and Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor Kit: DCH-S1621KT.


D-Link wins 2 German ‘iF Design Awards’ for 2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: DCS-8635LH, and 2K Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera: DCS-8302LH.


D-Link wins 2 American ‘CES Innovation Awards’ for Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor Kit: DCH-S1621KT, and USB-C to 2.5G Ethernet Adapter: DUB-E250.


Introduces ‘D-Link Green Packaging Program’. Green products accounted for 53% of total D-Link product revenue.


D-Link joins the Metaverse Standard Forum, and exclusively cooperates with Meta to create the VR Air Bridge DWA-F18.


D-Link wins the German 'iF Design Award' for the DCS-8350LH 2K QHD Wireless IP Camera.


Exclusively achieves the “2022 MIT Taiwan Gold Selection” for the M15 EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 Mesh System and M32 EAGLE PRO AI AX3200 Mesh System as the only networking brand and products selected this year.


D-Link wins 2 ‘Taiwan Excellence Awards’ for 2K QHD Indoor Wi-Fi Camera: DCS-8350LH, and Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor Kit: DCH-S1621KT.


D-Link wins the Indian ‘Special Appreciation Award 2022’ for Achievement in IT / IOT Solutions, the Singaporean ‘HardwareZone Readers’ Choice Award’ for Best IP Camera Brand, and Indian GajShield’s ‘Best Data Security Firewall Vendor the Year Award.’

D-Link wins both the Spanish RedesZone’s ‘Best Mesh Ecosystem Award’ and ‘Revista Gadget Award’ for EAGLE PRO AI, and wins the Middle East’s CXODX’s ‘Cloud Networking Vendor of the Year Award.’


D-Link wins the “31st Taiwan Excellence Awards”, for the VR Air Bridge product DWA-F18.


D-Link wins the Middle East’s ‘Cloud Networking Vendor of the Year Award’ by Leap Media Solutions, and the Middle East’s ‘Best Cloud Networking Vendor Award’ by QNA Marcom.


D-Link announces AQUILA PRO AI series of Matter-compliant Wi-Fi 6/6E Mesh System products.


D-Link won the American ‘CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award’ for Best balance of performance and value for the E15.


D-Link wins the ‘Taiwan Excellence Award 2024’ and the ‘Good Design Award 2023'
for the M30 AQUILA PRO AI AX3000 Smart Mesh Router.