DWS 4026 How to Upgrade Firmware XMODEM


- PC / Laptop / MAC
- DWS-4026 Firmware – Download from our site – Click here 
- Terminal Emulator – Click here 
- RS232-USB – Console Cable

Once you have the above completed, please continue to “Environment Setup”

Environment Setup:

Step 1 – Open Tera Term and setup as follows:

Click to select “Serial” - (In our example, we have used COM3) – Check your environment to what COM port is used.

Select - Setup > Serial port…

Baud rate:

Once selected as above, click “OK”

XMODEM Procedure:

Step 2 – Login to your switch

Once you have logged into the switch, enter the following command:

(DWS-4026) >enable

You will be asked for the password, enter this and hit enter key and you should have elevated permissions. Then enter the following commands:

(DWS-4026) #reload – this is to reboot system

Are you sure you would like to reset the system? (y/n) y

System will now restart!

1 - Start operational code.

2 - Start Boot Menu.

Select (1, 2):2 (Enter 2 for: Start Boot Menu)

[Boot Menu] 4 (Enter 4 for: Load new operation code using XMODEM)

XMODEM will commence the process, however you will need to search for the firmware that was downloaded prior to this step

Step 3 – Select the firmware file to transfer

File > Transfer > XMODEM > Send – Search for the firmware and click “OK” to begin the transfer…

Step 4 – Transfer in progress… this may take up to 30 minutes. Please wait for this to complete.

Step 5 – Storing Operation code in Flash…

Step 6 – Start Operation code…

[Boot Menu] 1 – Select 1 to reboot switch…

Step 7 – Firmware upgraded and ready to login


Step 8 – To confirm the firmware version enter the following commands:

(DWS-4026) >enable
Password: {enter your password}
(DWS-4026) #show version
Software Version...............................


(DWS-4026) #show bootvar

Images currently available on Flash
 unit      active      backup     current-active        next-active
    1      <none>

(DWS-4026) #

Rank: 1.5

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