How can I chance the username and password on my DAP access point?

You can change the username and password within the web-basedconfiguration utility that is built into the access point.

  1. Open your web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer. Enter the IPaddress of the access point (default is and pressEnter
  2. Enter your username (default: admin) and your password(default: no password - leave field blank). ClickOK
  3. Click on the MAINTENANCE tab at the top, thenclick on the DEVICE ADMINISTRATION button on theleft
  4. You will see options to change the username and password forthe admin user (i.e. the user who is allowed to change theconfiguration) and for the restricted account (can be used to viewconfiguration without changing anything). Make the changes youwant, then click on Save Settings to apply.
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