How to Factory Reset – DAP-3690

Before beginning we must keep in mind that the DAP-3690 is an outside AP, so you do not have a button to perform the reset. The only method by which you can restore factory settings is using the console port connected to a PC

Step 1 - Connect one end of the supplied console cable to the console port
of the DAP-3690 and the other to an available serial port on the PC (that you will use to connect to the AP)

Step 2 - Run HyperTerminal on the PC. (If you do not have HyperTerminal installed you can download it from Microsoft or use another program such as Putty.)

Go to the Start menu
Select All the programs
Select Accessories
Select Communications
Select HyperTerminal


Step 3 - Enter a new connection name


Step 4 -
Select the appropriate COM port


If you do not know the COM port number to use from entering the device manager and verify the information in Ports (COM and LPT).

In our case we will use a USB-to-Serial adapter we specify the COM4.


Step 5 – Configure the port settings as below


Step 6 - Enter the username and password

Once logged in, you will be able to run the configuration commands to perform the reset to factory settings

Step 7 - Run the command

Run the unquoted: "factorydefault set" command to reset your DAP-3690

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