16 Slot Chassis for DMC Series Media Converters


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This 16-slot chassis can hold up to 16 media converters. The chassis provides 19-inch standard rack-mount housing for the media converters, the power necessary for the media converters, plus optional redundant power supplies and SNMP/web-based network management.

In simple configuration, you can start with single media converters, each equipped with its own metal case housing and AC power adapter. When your network requirements grow, you can mount this chassis in your equipment rack and install your media converters in the slots provided for by the chassis. You will remove the metal cases of the individual media converters, and insert their PC boards into the chassis slots.

Installation of the chassis in an equipment rack together with the network devices for which they provide media conversion. This provides for space saving, and the cabling will look neat.

The chassis comes with its a single universal power supply. For maximum power availability, an optional redundant power supply is available for installation in chassis.

The following media conversion solutions are available:
  • Fast Ethernet twisted-pair to Fast Ethernet 100BASE-FX fiber (single-mode and multi-mode)
  • Fast Ethernet 100BASE-FX fiber multi-mode to single-mode

For fiber cables, MT-RJ and SC types of connectors are supported.

The following media converter modules can be installed in the chassis:
  • DMC-300M Fast Ethernet Twisted-pair to Multi-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-300SC Fast Ethernet Twisted-pair to Multi-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-515SC Fast Ethernet Twisted-pair to Single-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-530SC Fast Ethernet Twisted-pair to Single-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-560SC Fast Ethernet Twisted-pair to Single-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-615SC Fast Ethernet Multi-mode to Single-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-700SC Gigabit Twisted-pair to Gigabit Multi-mode Fiber Media Converter
  • DMC-810SC Gigabit Twisted-pair to Gigabit Single-mode Fiber Media Converter

Actual product appearance may differ from the image displayed on this page
  • Chassis System with support for up to 16 DMC Series Media Converters
  • Redundant Power Supply option available
  • 19" Rackmount Installation


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This product was phased out on: 05/04/2023
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